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Gallery 1 - The Mountains in Winter.

A view of a Wentworth Falls garden in our rare light snowfall and a view of Kebumba Walls from Sublime Point Road in snowfall. The last three show how our valleys look when a layer of mist blankets just the valleys leaving the ridge exposed. They were taken from Olympian Rock. Photos are by terry Goulden, Anna White and Nick de Brett.

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Gallery 2 - Club Trip to Bilpin

In May 2013 19 of our members took a bus trip to Bilpin as the guests of the Kurrajong Heights Garden Club. We visited the lovely Wildwood Gardens and Cafe for morning tea and a stroll through the garden which was displaying its autumn colours. Then to Wheeney Creek Orchard for a guided tour of Bilpin’s famous apples and a chance to pick up some fresh Pink Lady apples. After a picnic lunch in the garden setting of Mill Garden Cottage (Bed n Breakfast) we returned home having enjoyed our journey and the warm welcome of our colleagues from Kurrajong Heights.

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Gallery 3 - The Leura Railway Garden

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Before you look at the photos you might like to read a bit of the history of the Leura Railway Garden and our club’s involvement.

From Leura Home Garden Club - The First Forty Years by Margaret Erwood we learn:

In February 1989 the Station Master at Leura was approached about beautification of the station gardens with some help from the LHGC.

In July 1989 work started on that section of the station garden between the railway line and the Alexandra Hotel and it has been going on ever since.

Work on the station garden proceeded even although the plants were stolen. The Leura Village Association invited the LHGC to a meeting to discuss the beautification of the station for its centenary. The Fairmont Resort donated $500 for use in the station garden. A protective fence was built around the garden to deter vandals.

In September the club received an environmental award from the Blue Mountains Council, principally for its work on the station garden.

In May the SRA made an award to the LHGC for its work on the station garden. Representatives of the club met Transport Minister, Bruce Baird at the Valley inn Restaurant where the awards were presented. In December the plaque was given to the Fairmont Resort to display.

Other memories include:

Sheila (Sue) Shaw, a long-time member of the club recalls working on the unfenced garden to pretty it up before the Leura Garden Festival. Then safety became an issue and the public (including our members) were banned from the land and the garden was fenced off. This was the end of the first period of involvement.

In 2006 our Garden Club was approached to help improve the ambience of the land and a group of members became interested in improving and maintaining it. They volunteered to clear a section of separated railway land between the railway line and the Hotel Alexandra. This section had been fenced from the rail line and was thus safe to work on. They agreed to plant it out and maintain it voluntarily.

In May, 2006 our volunteers got to work and from a very unpromising beginning the land blossomed into a garden fit for the Garden Township of the Mountains.

Volunteers were Jean Cowley, Margaret Brown, Shirley Hitches, Liz Cunningham and Marsha Durham. The Club has continued to maintain the garden to this day and further volunteers have been: Merle Hansard, Richard and Betty Clare. Casual help has also been given by Charlie Brown, Terry Goulden, John Greenway, John and Chris Peat and Mark, the Station Master before he moved on to a different station. Mark was also a keen gardener. Jean’s daughter Melanie and Liz’s daughter Sue have also been a great help. The owners of the Hotel Alexander have also allowed us the use of their big skip/bin for pruning - a well-appreciated help. BMCC donated one load of mulch early on, City Rail donated a skip when we first started and several people have donated loads of mulch as a garden can never have enough.

Ena Cooper, another long time member, remembers that many people donated plants in the early days, many of them in memory of deceased members of the club.

A lot of work has been done with drip irrigation, rock arrangements, treated pine wall etc It has been an “archealogical dig” in parts. Sadly vandals have trashed the drip system and the key and lock for the systems tap has disappeared. We now plant climatically tolerant plants and water only when really essential.

Vandalism and trash dumping has been markedly reduced so having a cared-for look for the area has paid dividends.

The club wishes to acknowledge the tremendous hard work that our volunteer members have put into this area which is part of the first sight of Leura seen by all train travellers to our township.

Over the years since 1989 many club members have given their time and effort to keep the railway garden looking its best. They have included the ones listed above and also Audrey and Trevor Jones, Diana Jones, Frank Spolc, Alan Burns, Ena & Bill Cooper, Ann Norman and Margaret Erwood. As always with a project that has been a work in progress for nearly three decades there may be many more that we have not listed. If this jogs the memory of our members please let the webmaster know so we can acknowledge their voluntary conribution.