Download your own copy of A Year in the Garden a publication which sets out the parameters for creating or enhancing cold climate gardens such as those suitable for the Blue Mountains of NSW.

A Year in the Garden - Click here to download file

Editor’s Note

I’m not sure when this document was first written, or, in fact, who Curt Christensen was. In some ways it is a museum piece, giving a very clear picture of how gardening used to be. There are some references to superseded methods and some plants are listed that you may have trouble finding at your local 21st century nursery.

But having said that, on the whole it contains a lot of very useful advice, because plants and their requirements haven’t changed that much over the years. The appendices about pH levels are particularly useful.

I hope you enjoy reading his rather idiosyncratic style, and that you learn as much as I did.

Caroline Stanton
March, 2014